Suisse Crypto Capital

We're a wealth management firm based in Switzerland. We work to maximize the value of our clients' holdings through focused investments on cryptocurrencies and other Blockchain assets and even on more traditional financial instruments.

What do we do?

We treat the most promising
asset class on the planet

In 2007 the world was about to experience the worst crisis ever seen. This was caused by many different factors as you already know.

But less than ten years later Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Accenture, British Petroleum, UBS, JP Morgan altogether join their forces in research consortiums such as Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and Hyperledger to develop something that could potentially prevent such crisis from happen again. We are talking about distributed ledger technologies. How far can we go?

Our services

Portfolio management

In a macroeconomic scenario where interest rates keep floating around zero percent we believe that our clients deserve a different treatment. Different yields. To achieve our goal we keep hiring the best investment bankers and investing on the development of complex algorithmic trading routines. Soon powered by artificial intelligence.


We are aware that some customers prefer to manage their assets independently. This is why we provide consultancy services to all investors interested in understanding the financial, technological and legal peculiarities and characteristics of cryptocurrencies and Blockchains.

ICO setup

In 2017 alone Initial Coin Offerings granted to the startups that have chosen this funding media an aggregate of more than 2.5 Billions USD. Way more than the money invested from all the biggest Venture Capitalists combined. We are here to help our customers in every single phase of an ICO. From the definition of the idea definition to the listing on Exchanges.

Quotes on the industry

Statistics on the market


S&P 500 annual total returns in 2016.


Cryptocurrencies' annual total returns in 2016.


S&P 500 market cap expressed in trillions of $.


The ratio between Cryptocurrencies market cap and S&P 500. Basically we're living the beginning of a new era in Finance.